Please allow me to introduce myself…

IMG_9003My name is Wendy. November 23rd of 2011 I found out that my husband of 5.5 years was having an affair. I found out from the woman that he had sex with. Upon further investigation, I learned that he had joined several dating sites and was sexting multiple women through Yahoo Instant Messenger, email and the dating sites. He only met up with one of them because she was the only one who was local and after meeting her twice they decided to meet again for their sexual encounter. Her name is Paula.

Paula is the one who informed me of all of this because after Mike had sex with her, he wanted nothing more to do with her and so he slowly pulled away from her. She discovered his multiple accounts on the site they had met on, so she wanted to out him and ruin his life because she was pissed at him. She said that he had misled her into believing that she had a chance with him – that he had told her they could make it as a couple. Did she really expect to have a long-term relationship with a married man who was on a dating site stating that he was married, but there because of the lack of sex in his marriage??

My initial response to her was, “Thank you for the information.” I guess she expected/wanted me to react a lot differently and side with her, and when I didn’t she pushed to send me all of the details and did so against my permission. She continued to harass me until February 3rd, 2012. That is the last time she has contacted me.

The last names of everyone will not be disclosed to keep everyones’ lives private. If you want to read more about our journey after his affair, please start from day one by clicking on The Journey above or by going to my list of archives at the bottom…

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68 thoughts on “Please allow me to introduce myself…

      • Just found your blog today, 2 1/2 weeks after D day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. So many things you voiced, I could not find a way to say (or even give permission to myself to think!) I could never begin to tell you how much this has meant to me in dealing with the shame, the rage, the crying jags, and the guilt from being the one who should have behaved differently to change the result of what was coming. I am still so far from recovery, but you have given me hope that the work of restoration may be worth it and it isn’t achieved overnight.

      • I am so sorry you are here. Sounds like your D-day was around the same time as mine.

        It certainly is a drawn-out process with lots of ups and downs and days where you question what you are doing and if you are doing the right thing. I try to focus on how I will get better from this as a person and as a mother. And if I choose to continue to be a wife, then how I will be an amazing one.

        I don’t want to be crippled by this anymore so I am trying to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a year and one month out and feel like I’m still getting started. I’ve done a lot of work, but still have so much more to go. It’s depressing.

        Thank you for being here!

    • I really don’t know what she expected, but I am sure that she didn’t expect for me to want to stay with my husband after she exposed the affair.

      She wanted revenge on my husband because he basically pumped and dumped her.

      • In her face then…she was stupid to fall for a married man…glad to see you’re working on your relationship and not letting her get what she wanted

      • yes! in her face, love your comment, C.X.Love.
        my husbands whore did the same thing to me… silly whores, don’t they know tricks are for the corners they stand on to sell themselves?! good for your wendy! best of luck to you and thanks for your blog!

  1. I found your blog by accident. I have only read some of the posts but it has already helped me enormously. To realise that my emotions and reactions are “normal”. Thank You

  2. I am logged in. It won’t let me even reply to your comments, so I’m trying a new one (since it worked yesterday). I keep trying. It says, “ERROR: YOu do not have permission to comment on this blog”

  3. Wow…. I look forward to reading through your Journey, as mine has just begun. My original blog is “From This I know”, but I soon started “Diaries of a Real Housewife”, in hopes of being anonymous,only to have been discovered. :) I have now made this public, and invite you to take a look. I can honestly say, this is very new,very fresh, and very painful. I’m glad to find others that have traveled this road.

  4. I’ve been married for almist 27 years. At 23 years Of marriage, I had my first indication when a woman he had slept with called me. I was also dealing with a daughter’s eating disorder , two children ages 14 and 15 and working full time, so I decided to lie to myself and him and “believe” his story. It took him a whole month to go back to what I later found out was an entire double life with an entire network of website profiles and hundreds of women. So in 2009 I couldnt deal with it and I believed him…. So come May 21, 2012, I seat at the Computer to go on my email and his is open! He had a password so I never could read it, so thinking that thing in 2009 was the only time he cheated, I go to that date ( he never deleted any email, even cc himself from his “secret acct”) and I find what brought my world down. I discovered a secret yahoo acount with thousands of emails dating back to 2005! There were Craigslist Ads he replied to, escorts, and then he decided to go for the real chase and get online to have sex with vulnerable women that didnt care spending $10 and 15min on the Internet to find out he was married. This went on and on and in 2011 he decided to stop gradually and in Nov 2011 he stopped for good. I know this because I hacked every single account he had and wrote to the last three women he slept with (two replied, the other one is married and called him to get his “crazy wife off her back” the slut who is a School Psychologist in Whittier, CA). Anyways he has changed SO much and is really really trying to make up for all this, but I cant get over the lies, the deceit, the entitlement….I had a right to know I was in an open marriage, he made that decision for me. He put my health at risk and the lives of our children and mine in danger of completelly falling apart! WHO is this horrible man? My husband.
    He says that it NEVER crossed his mind to leave me, but he treated me and the kids as sub-humans, constantly criticizing us and never being emotionally available. I also made the decision to lie to myself. The signs were there, every single one, and yet I was convinced that something like this could not happen to me, I chose man with integrity, I could not have chosen someone SO damaged. And I did! I was 19 when I met him, my Dad had just died and he was my Knight in shinning armor! He had a traumatic childhood (mother died when he was 12 and sister 6, father alcoholic, these kids were abandoned emotionally and physically). In all, I decided to give him and our family ONE chance. I put my other cheek already. If nothing ever happens again and his changes are permanent (he is much more open, cobsiderate, puts others wants and needs first, calls to tell me where he is, offers me the opp to call other people to corroborate his story…), then I dont think my kids and I are going to be in a better place by going through a divorce and possibly all of this getting out. I think that there is a reason -I still dont know it- I was put in this situation. It hurts and I think it will always hurt, but I must learn to live with this. Forgiveness might come at some point, but right now, I try to live a day at a time, with the fact that I fell in love with someone damaged, someone I never knew. This is my reality. Thank you! I hope I can help anyone in a similar situation.

    • I am in the same boat. Married to a man who had is having an online affair I’m not sure they have ever met but they do d speak to each other my D came inSeptember 2012 and was told I am the love of his. Life and its a friend, But if I am the love of your lifen why you doing this to me. couple weeks after I found a secret phone. I told him I found the I cannot deal with this anymore. He smashed up the phone and say he didn’t know why he got it it thought it would make it easier to rid the girl. I told him I did not know if I can come back from this and may we need to separate . He did not like that idea and d that everything has been going beautiful and that in the past couple weeks like I’ve been better than has been a long time. We began to talk about all of our what seem to be issues in out marriage and he said maybe this was a blessing in disguise to help us. for the sake of our 10 plus years I wanted to move forard tokee goin and believe him and finally yo take 1 day at a time. Things where so much better between us we were going on a date night because we have a little boy trying to be more intimate. Just basically trying to reconnect to where we were prior to having a baby in the stress of things in life. Just to let you know this is man that will always cuddle with me always hold door always give me a little ksses great to have for my birthday givme the most beautiful cards they have always thoughtful none that changed all the years I’ve been with him . Well here we are 5 moths later thing in my stomach is not right come to find out that he has a secret email account and you also signed up for the instant messaging stuff that’s why he’s met her and 1 of his old email accounts I found out that she created the account for him email account. can you love somebody that I don’t think you’ve ever met and also tell me I’m love of g his life and I’m stuck with him I got he’s happy doesn’t want to be without me. This other woman set up such a wonderful account name for him you can only imagine what it is. She wrote him an email from another account same to think she knows l I ove this and very much and don’t want to lose him but I don’t want to be door mat either.

  5. Hello. I just started reading your blog. I haven’t gotten very far yet because I’m also trying to work, exercise, be with my kids, and revive my marriage. But just wanted to say that I’m here!

  6. Hi. I cannot find your blog. I’ve been going thru this for six months and trying to make it day by day. Please let me know where to find you. I would love

  7. amanda again. I think I may have asked you this before–can’t remember. My website started out to just expose this woman for her atrocious behavior (specifically her “helpful” emails)–what is bugging me so much is that the masses don’t seem to get how cruel she is. they actually think she is “sorry”, opposed to intentionally making it worse because she feels like a fool. I am so hoping you will let me link your site to mine–I would like to add a widget with a thumbnail image/blog name that links to your blog-would that be okay with you? Oh–no offense will be taken if my content is too offensive for you to be comfortable with it–if this is the case, perhaps I could just put a few of her EERILY similar emails up and explain the psychology behind these women? which is that they feel like complete assholes so they have to hurt innocent people? (wife and kids)? what are your thoughts on this?

  8. Hello. I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your stories. By the way…. I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. If you’re interested, please kindly visit my last post for details. Have a great day.

  9. I just started reading your blog last night and have read quite a few posts. I’m almost 3 months since D-Day. You’re very insightful and I have so much I would like to pick your brain over since you’re much more advanced in the recovery process. I’ll post this one question here in case you don’t feel comfortable emailing me. Anyways, my husband told me in the beginning of our marriage that he doesn’t like giving oral sex which was completely fine with me because quite honestly I’ve never enjoyed receiving oral sex so I thought nothing much of it. Until…I find out he did that with the OW. I’m not ugly. I’m 118lb and 5’4″. And I’m attractive. The OW is attractive too but much heavier than me. I just cannot wrap my brain around it. I have asked him over and over why and he says he doesn’t know why. The sex has been fantastic since we rekindled but he has still yet to give me oral sex. I find this so strange. I know there is nothing wrong with my lady parts so it’s beyond me. I was hoping maybe you could help me with this one.

    • My first thought on this was that he might feel guilty with you knowing that and quite possibly avoid it to keep from triggering you or himself. He did something with her that he didn’t with you, so it’s something that was “special” between them. Who knows why he did it with her. Only HE knows why. Maybe he felt pressured from her, maybe he felt uninhibited with her and discovered that he really does enjoy it. And knowing that you didn’t deterred him from ever doing it with you. If you really don’t care for it, don’t try to push for it just because you want what he shared with her. I don’t think that the fact that he doesn’t do it with you means he doesn’t love you. It’s just an area you guys never were big on in your sex life before.

      Shortly after D-day there is usually passionate sex called hysterical bonding…and it isn’t always about sex, but the obsession to prove that you want to be with them more than anything so you do whatever it takes to make the relationship look appealing to him again. We tend to think that sex is what they were looking for, but it goes deeper than that most of the time.

      I wouldn’t give up on exploring the whys, but be prepared to hit a brick wall until he feels comfortable enough to trust that you won’t punish him or beat him with the facts.

      I appreciate you following my blog. It’s rewarding to know that it might help someone else in this horrible situation.

    • Marie, I think as a man who has done this I can give you a realistic answer. Men will do this, as a natural part of their sex drive and exploration with someone new and they are trying to bond with. I have never met a man who does it because it tastes SO GOOD, as it does with the results of the woman that is receiving it and her positive response to orgasism. If she shows she likes it, then a man is more likely to give it again, and again, knowing that she is deriving pleasure. It is THE response of making someone else happy that gives me satisfaction of performing this act,more than anything else. I have run into a few women that are just against it and don’t want you to do it, and I could tell the difference. It was their loss, not mine.
      That it what it is, a close personal thing, that two people who care for each other are doing to make the other person happy. Don’t confuse it with LOVE. Just because you care for someone, doesn’t mean that you are in love with them. The same applies to intercourse. Although it is an intimate act, it isn’t the end of the world.
      The opposite is true also. I have never met a woman who admitted that they performed oral on a man because they like the taste. There could very well be some that do, I just never have met any. I always thought that was a reason that a lot of women will not swallow during that act of giving oral sex on a man. Those that do, do it to feel closer and to try to make their man happy and complete a bond with him.
      I could be naive, but either way I have had a lot of experience and think that you are over thinking this part.
      I think you are holding onto the wrong thing.
      I would concentrate my thinking on what was lacking in your relationship that led him think that it was OK, to get involved with another woman, both emotionally and physically..That is the key to all affairs unless you are dealing with a sociopath. What were you two lacking……….both emotionally and physical.

      • Thank you for the response. It helps to get a man’s perspective too. We are working on the issues. This is def not something I’m completely hung up on. For some background, he cheated on me because I didn’t sleep with him for 9 months during my pregnancy. The reason I didn’t was because I was terrified of losing the baby after 5 losses. Plus I sunk into a deep depression during my pregnancy and shut out most of my loved ones and friends. I wasn’t ready or prepared mentally after the last loss to be pregnant so soon. Anyhow we lost touch with intimacy and affection. I appreciate the responses so I can understand this. It’s almost like I’m more upset that he gave her oral sex than I am that he slept with her. But as Wendy said its most likely because it was something special between the two of them that bothers me the most. I need to just get over it.

      • Easier said than done. It’s tough to accept. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it took me a long time to realize that letting certain details go helped me to progress in my recovery. Focusing on the details of the past keeps you stuck there. At some point you have to decide that it’s time to move on to doing things that are healing and not hurting you.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are still some days that I think about the details, but I have learned to quickly put a stop to recalling those memories and reminding myself that it is not beneficial for me to go there.

      • That’s blatant blame shifting and it’s despicable. With that juvenile reasoning you are saying that if one doesn’t get their way or feels unhappy, then one can act out, no matter that such a breach of trust is the worst possible injury you can inflict on someone you supposedly care deeply about. That pathetic excuse is an abominable insult added to grievous injury. There is no excuse for betrayal. The question instead is what is the matter with the betrayer that they have to resort to such treachery? And know that the affair is usually about the betrayer, not the betrayed.

      • I don’t think that he shifted the blame. His last paragraph says basically what you just said. Explore your parts in the deterioration of the marriage.

        He spoke from the male perspective on oral sex, not about his affair specifically, or anyone’s for that matter.

      • My husband had an affair, and Im struggling daily, and he wont give me her phone number or email why? Iam a very beautiful woman and he went out of out state to another for this affair why?

      • They do not think about the risks they are putting themselves or their family in when they seek their affair partner. All they think about is what they want to fulfill in them to make them feel better. They are able to compartmentalize their lives and keep things separate. That is why most never feel bad in the moment about the decisions they are making.
        And now? If you two are trying to repair your relationship, he wants to keep the AP out of your lives. That or he has more to hide. Either way, it is not a good idea to contact the AP because there is a great chance that they will lie to you anyways just to make things worse for you because they are mad at the husband. What better way to get back at him than getting the loyal wife to kick him to the curb after all this?
        When I spoke to Paula, she insisted on giving me the dirty details. It bothered her that I didn’t want to know more from her. So she sent me the junk anyways. I am proud that I refused to let her have more of a role in my recovery than she did. I would have appreciated the information more had it came from my husband, but that never would have happened.

      • And looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. It took me a long time to accept that – and I still struggle with it – but it’s true. Looks can help, but in the grand scheme of it all, that is a minute factor if it is one at all.

  10. I got home from a great holiday with my kids to find out my husband met some bitch online and slept with her about two months earlier (which was a week b4 my birthday). Now 3months after finding out I am So angry, hurt, devastated still. We have been together for 24 years and married for 18yrs. He is the only sexual
    Partner I have had and I feel So shit that this has happened. Yes our marriage had been strained but why didn’t he try to fix it earlier. There more to it but I just needed to vent. All I do is sleep all day now so don’t have to think about it but I end up having nightmares too. Feel stuck

    • I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Continue to reach out and seek support or simply just company from those close to you. Isolating makes it worse. It is good to be alone to think about what you want to do from here, but take care of yourself and stay connected with others.

      I wish you the best!

  11. Can I ask you if you are glad you found out or would you have rather not know? Would it make a difference if the affair was very long term?

    • I am glad I know about it because I couldn’t handle a relationship with someone who has a deep dark secret looming over their head. He would’ve had issues from that and I believe he would have eventually cracked. Knowing sooner than down the road was better for me because I was able to consider forgiveness knowing it wasn’t a long-term betrayal. If it had been long-term or emotional, yes I would have walked away. The thought that my husband could get emotionally invested in another person while continuing to live in a false marriage with me would have been unforgivable. And screwing around with someone multiple times would have shown me that he continuously made a bad choice and was ok with it; that he would have been comfortable enough to keep on. And in my eyes, too much damage would have been done and couldn’t be amended at that point.

      Not everyone feels the same way about it. Some BSes are willing to work on the relationship even after they discovered years and years of cheating or multiple affairs. I am not minimizing my husband’s actions. Betrayal is betrayal, but you also have to look at the depth of that betrayal and determine how you feel about that.

  12. Why do betrayed spouses assume as the OW that we want you the to “side” with us just because we told you the truth? I genuinely gave my ex-mm’s wife all the info she needed out of guilt & the sheer fact that women need to know what kind of man they are sleeping next to at night. Yes I was pissed @ him too when I did it, for the same reason. I got paranoid that he found another other woman but, I didn’t tell her so she’d ‘side’ with me. Hell, you should be effing thanking her for giving you helpful information that some wives pay thousands of dollars for in private investigator fees.

    • So I should be thankful that she is willing to give up information about her sleeping with my husband?? Nah. It would have come out eventually, especially considering just a few weeks prior to it actually coming out, I had drilled my husband because I KNEW something was going on.

      It sounds like you told on him because you were pissed he dumped you for another side lady. I could be wrong about some OWs, but for the most part I think I am right. They either tell to get back at the MM or because they want to be the one to take everything away that they have. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Your relationship is insignificant in comparison to what he and his wife have built. You don’t have the power to bring everything down, just to tell all the dirty details of your poor choice to have an affair with someone who was married.

  13. I find it interesting that OW think we would believe anything they have to say. First of all they don’t know what OUR husbands are like because our husbands are feeding them lies so they can continue to F@&k them. It amazes me how stupid these OW are and how they assume they know the truth because their getting used by our husbands. And honestly our marriage is just that.. OURs….and the OW is nothing but a used dishrag…it’s actually quite entertaining how outrageous these ow become..

  14. Thank you for sharing your story! It makes me think there is hope. I found about my husbands affair a little over a month ago when I text her because she was still contacting him after he ended his affair months before. She wasn’t giving up hope that I was going to kick him out and he would run back to her. I knew about her back then but my husband refused to tell me the truth because he felt guilty and realized he wanted me in his life. She had no problem sending me texts of what he had sent her and what they actually did. The met at work, he still works there and she got fired, she lives close by and it scares me she won’t give up until she has ruined his life and mine.

  15. Hi, I have been reading your blog and It’s really helping me out. I would like some advice from you (if that’s ok) since you have been through so much! Recently my husband told me he was looking at porn and that he had been looking at it for over 6 months. It’s really hard for me to cope with because I know I can’t live up to the expectations of the internet. :( On top of that we recently found out I am pregnant. He says he made a mistake and he wants to be with me and that he will stop. I’m just worried he wants to keep me around because i’m now having his baby. Also I’m worried he will do it again anyway since he did this when we were dating and told me he would stop. Now we have been married for 2 1/2 years and it happened again. What should I do??

  16. I only found out 5 days ago that my partner who is the father of our 14 week old baby has been seeing another woman both whilst I was pregnant and after my son was born. He even emailed her whilst I was in hospital for premature labour and even within hours of me having given birth to our son.

    I feel so gutted. I’m finding it so hard to eat despite breastfeeding. I lost 3 kilos in the first two days after finding out just from not eating. I’ve started smoking again. I have had frequent diarhea ever since. And constantly feel nauseous. I feel so empty inside. I feel so alone.

    I want to make it work between us. I want to grow through the pain rather than die a long slow emotional death from it. I want to forgive him.

    I’m too scared to voice to him how much he has hurt me, how alone I feel now compared to before, how much he has gutted me. I so desperately want him to tell me the truth and all of it. But he’s already threatened to leave me when I pleaded with him to show me the emails he sent to her, he would have rathered leave me than tell me the truth. I’d already seen the emails, 71 pages of around 3 emails per page he’d written to the other woman, that I had copied and printed out before I’d confronted him as I knew that he would deny, deny, deny and lie. Which he did. Lie upon lie, until I produced the copies of the emails and asked him if he really wanted me to read them out to him.

    Then he told me the truth, or parts of it anyway. I am certain there is much more than he has admitted to. He still says he has not been unfaithful whilst with me, but that he was only pursuing the other woman, but his emails speak louder than that. All the words I thought he reserved for me he spoke to her in his emails, romantic words, praising her beauty, speaking of seduction, talking of secret rendezvous, about how he can’t see her this afternoon how about next week (when I was in hospital for premature labour), telling her how nice it was to have pressed hard into her today (two weeks before I gave birth), talking about how he wants her to be his Emily Bronte to his Pablo Picasso, placating her guilt saying that I have told him that as long as he has safe sex that I am fine with it (complete bullshit), talking about how life with her is a dream to him, about how he can love both her and me and be loyal and faithful to both her and me, telling her that when he’s at home laying next to me he is thinking of her, and telling her lies about me (like saying that him and me had broken up and that I probably wouldn’t allow him to see his child – WHILST he was coming home to sleep with me and have me wash his undies and cook his meals). Him toying with the idea of raising my son with her, whilst there I was thinking he was being supportive of me during late pregnancy. Them breaking up and restarting the affair because she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with him when he was still sleeping with me and him then convincing her that him and me was over andthat he was just supporting me as the mother of his child. That he couldn’t tell me because I had too much on my plate at the time (being pregnant). And to find out that she gave him some singlets for my son, which he gave to me telling me that he bought them for him from the tip shop! And to think I was touched that he’d actually bought something for his son because he hadn’t and hasn’t bought anything else for our son – I’ve forked out money for everything from rent, to electricity, to nappies and clothing and food and baby furniture? I feel so sickened by this.

    He has only been vague about what happened. I want so desperately to know whether he brought her to our house. And what has he told her about me when they’ve been face to face? And does he love her, like really love her? Does he love her more than me? Is he attracted to her more than me? Is it because I put on weight during pregnancy and went from a size 0 to a size 6?

    It seems that she broke it off with him in December because as the honourable woman she is, she didn’t want to hurt me any more by doing this and because she couldn’t have a lover who was sleeping with another woman. For that I do respect her.

    He says that the way he sees it is that what I don’t know won’t hurt me. I don’t think he has any remorse over what he’s done, I think he only feels remorse over being caught.

    I have only just cried, in writing this out on here.

    He was the first person I ever felt I could really trust, who I could let into my heart. And now I feel like it’s all be a lie. I still don’t know if he’s not having an affair at the moment like he says he isn’t. I’m trying to believe he’s not, so why then has he been so distant from me lately, and rarely having sex with me, and not kissing me or showing any form of affection? That was the only reason I checked his emails because I thought I was going crazy and wanted to assure myself that he was innocent of what I feared.

    I do have some compassion for him. Their emails are like steamy love letters and I can understand that clearly he fell in love with her and if they truly have broken it off than he must be grieving for their love.

    He has cried only the once. Perhaps it was remorse, I don’t know. When I told him that I do forgive him, that I am trying to forgive him. And that I am sorry that this is so painful for me but that it hurts so deeply and that I am finding it so gutting. That I want to make us work, but that I am going to have to have time to heal and that he’s going to have to let me heal and not expect me to just get over it.

    I am sorry this comment has been so long. I just really need to talk. I need to express how much this hurts.

    • you two both need therapy. This is super hard to work through on your own. Do it not only for you but your baby. Good luck to you and I hope you both make this work.

  17. Hi..I was reading your blog and you are so courageous and I love the way you handled the OW. I recently found out my husband had a one time sexual encounter with an ex and they were speaking a couple times a week for about 6 months. He told me and my world was shattered. I had no idea this was going on and we were trying to have another baby. I can not wrap my brain around does not fit his personality or who he is/was as a person. He is completely devastated about it and we are going to couples counseling and he is also going to personal counseling to figure out why he would do such a thing. He is completely remorseful and we are working it out because of that. The OW went nuts when he told her he told me. She wanted more and he told her, right after the physical happened, that this was a huge mistake and he couldn’t believe what happened..she threatened to tell me if he didn’t leave. He tried to avoid her and was hoping it would go away..obviously the wrong decision. He then came clean and told me what was going on and she contacted my family, people we know and was just nuts. We had the cops get involved.
    This is the hardest thing and I have been through some tough things in my life. I feel like someone made decisions about my life for me. IWe are hoping we can move past this, have another baby and be better than before. Therapy is opening our eyes to issues we had with the relationship. We both love each other and I do believe my husband made a horrible choice (I hate saying mistake because it was a CHOICE..not a mistake) and is sorry. Thanks for your blog.

    • Thank you! And you are welcome. Although I don’t believe the affair could be the best thing that ever happened to me, I do believe that my relationship with myself and my husband can come out stronger afterwards. An affair is never the way to bring about issues you have in your marriage. That is why I have this blog…hopefully to help others learn how to prevent their marriage from tattering.

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